Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Kalaripayattu is perhaps the most ancient martial art in the world.
Kalaripayattu is the exclusive martial arts legacy of Kerala, taken to China by the Buddhist monks which became the fabled model for the modern martial arts.

hmm...if you examine the word carefully,you will notice that it's basically made of two words 'Kalari' & 'Payattu'

The meaning of those words :

Kalari - place, threshing floor, or battlefield
Payattu - exercise in arms, or practice

Does Payattu not sound like English 'Fight' ?

Kalaripayattu - Kalari fight - a place where you exercise and fight ?

Which language borrowed?
Did 'fight' come from 'payattu' or vice versa.?



Ever seen the dish 'Mulligatawny soup' when you go to restaurant and see the menu?

Pronounce it carefully and see how it sounds like the tamil words "Malliga(i) Thanni" (Corriander water)


My friend Manjunath says that it's derived from "Milagu Thanni" (Pepper water).
It makes more sense to me.

Iam not an etymologist or linguist.
But whenever I come across certain words,in any language, I wonder if that word was borrowed from some other language or not. There were so many words that I came across, that made me to dedicate a separate blog for that and keep track of them.

If readers of this blog, or people who unfortunately and accidentally ended in this blog, have some interesting words, please mail me at vimaln@gmail.com